The missions are what this challenge is all about. They are broadly dependent upon how much money can be raised via Patreon, and therefore they are scalable and contractable as required, though Patreon is not our only fund-raising avenue, it remains the core “mission go/no go” decision making process of The Ocean Challenge.

  1. Mission One is the core mission Рwithout this mission, there is no challenge (or at least there would be very little point in undertaking a challenge) РThis mission involves travelling the our oceans, documenting their state, the lives of the people who rely upon them, both on the surface, under the waves and via the air. It is primarily about documentary, think Blue Planet II mixed with travelogue, but with an additional dimension of scientific factual. This mission is viable at 500 Р800 patrons with sponsorship, based on Patreon supporters contributing at the minimum rate ($10 per month); at the higher rates allows us to get better equipment, deliver better programming to you and to use better, or more suitable vessel, obviously at $20, the minimum vial number of patrons drops to 250 Р400 (we use a range because, obviously, if we have a minimum number and then drop below it at some point it puts the mission in jeopardy. The science will be more focused on sample collection, making space for PhD candidates on-board to undertake specific science missions, and any smaller-scale on-board science equipment focused testing we can do (we believe a particular focus should be micro-plastic particulate sampling, but more on that as the challenge progresses).
  2. Mission two – The Deep Mission – builds on the work of the core mission via additional exploration of the deep oceans, including fine area mapping, deep chemistry monitoring and analysis and wild-life surveying. This part of the mission would be possible with 2000 patrons. We know it’s a stretch goal, and, if we make it at all, it could take a while to achieve. A tough ask, we know, but when you consider the sheer number of people who, for example, were enamoured with Blue Planet II, which hit audience peaks of 10.3m in the UK alone, this, at least as a medium term goal, should become viable over time.
  3. Mission Three – The exclusive science vessel Mission – Which will be a pure science mission, which will focus on Ocean chemistry, biology and physical measurements regime, over multiple year passes, to form an even better understanding of our oceans. This mission would be the gold standard, providing valuable data to universities throughout the world, which we hope would enable huge steps forward to be taken in research into our oceans. While always a stretch goal to achieve, this mission goal would require 5000+ patrons, which is an almost impossible dream, but dream we must. Even if we never get there, it’s what we’d most like to do.

The approach of The Ocean Challenge is designed to be grand in ambition, and to really push the realms of the possible, to create both science and entertainment and meld them via documentary natural history to help better our understanding of the oceans and our planet. Please, join us. Together we can make a difference to our planet.


Featured Image Credit: Free Texture #91 by Brenda Clarke on Flickr. Creative Commons usage.