Trying to set up this challenge, doing it all, working our butts off to do it right, none of that matters without you.

The main thing you can do to help us meet this challenge is to join us.

You can also become a permanent member of the crew, if that’s what you’re looking to do (professionals only) or become an explorer with us.

The easiest way to join us is to support us on Patreon. It’s cheap, you get lots of stuff for your contribution and you can even become a part of the actual missions themselves. If you’re not quite ready to regularly support us, you can make a one-off donation to our PayPal pool, or you can simply send a donation to our PayPal using our email address: or using this button:

Why do we need cash? Well, the missions themselves are expensive, as is supporting them and the teams, but also keep up-to-date on the latest equipment, both scientific and video production, so that we can bring you the very best in production quality, that all has a price (and salt water kills all things electrical eventually, so we’re going to have to constantly “upgrade”).

The value that the challenge in general, and missions in particular, brings back to society is well worth every penny it will cost. This is a project that will help us today and be around for future generations to use and continue.

So how can you be part of the team?

At the most basic level, if you can support us with $10 per month, you’ll get two exclusive natural history episodes per month, plus travelogue and nature documentary work, two month’s before anyone else, where we report on what we’re doing, what we’ve found, and how we are progressing. You can follow us and our teams across the globe as we undertake to complete the challenge. Episodes will initially be podcasts, then we’ll start to add video episodes as we move towards production, and from there on it will be mainly video, with some occasional podcasts of special content.

If you prefer to have a little more behind the scenes for your buck, then pledging $20 per month gets you the exclusive episodes, plus an exclusive bi-weekly podcast, where we discuss the finer points of what we are doing, have experts on and generally go a little more in-depth.

If you are more interested in getting hands on, then our $30 per month pledge represents entry to our Mission Club, which will see you invited to our annual get together, where you will receive VIP tickets to join a tour on one of our missions in dock, a VIP party invite on board, where you’ll also get an exclusive photo book of the missions so far. Please note, hotel and transport to the dock location are not included (sorry!), food and drink are (yay!). You’ll also get exclusive “Mission Club” content each month, including crew live-chats, a chance to correspond with the presenters and crew, and you’ll receive a special “Mission Club” pack during the tour.

If you actually want to have the chance to join us on-board for one of our research campaigns, then you’ll love the $50 per month pledge. Limited to 100 people, you’ll get the chance to join one of the missions for a week or two (random pick for which, and does not include airfare to the mission location (sorry!)). It will be a life-changing experience, and only make you want to come back for more!

Come and be part of our family.