Become An Explorer

Remember when being an explorer was a thing, something you can actually do? Did you grow up wanting to be one? Still want to? Now’s your chance.

We’re searching for explorers to become part of the challenge, you’ll join the challenge for as long as you can (each challenge round is up to five years), and present what we do through your eyes and words, and help to generate interest and excitement in our oceans and planet. This engages our supporters, and allows us to ask them to pay a very small sum every month (or one off) to help us cover the costs of the challenge.

As well as generating media, you’ll undertake many of the science experiment and measurements that make up a big part of the challenge, so not only will you get to be a genuine adventurer, you’ll help make the world a better place! How amazing is that.

It will be an adventure you’ll never forget. Who doesn’t want to travel the world?

Sound like your kind of thing? Here’s how to apply:

  1. Make a video of yourself, telling us about yourself (don’t forget your name and home country), and why you would be perfect for the role.
  2. The video can be any length, from one minute (we can’t imagine you can do it in less than one minute, though go for it if you want to) up to twenty minutes. We think five will be about the best, but do your thing.
  3. The video does not need to be a huge production or even done on any kind of pro camera – your phone camera or webcam will be just fine as long as we can clearly see you, and, as importantly, hear you.
  4. When you have finished your video, please upload it to a host of your choice – this can be YouTube, Vimeo, or anyone else you can think of: you can make the setting private if you want, so only those who know the URL can see it.
  5. When you have the URL of your video, please fill it in the form below with the details.
  6. If you can, become a supporter, either on Patreon, via our PayPal pool for a one off donation (or you can even send a PayPal donation to in countries where pools are not supported), but if you can’t, that’s okay, we know not everyone can afford to. To make it fair, we’ll be selecting 70% of our adventurers from Patreon supporters, 20% from PayPal supporters and 10% from those who can’t support us.
  7. Please promote the challenge on social media using the hashtag #theoceanchallenge, putting a link to the post on social media in the form below (each time we can search a link of you posting, ups your chances of being picked). We were thinking of “I want to become an adventurer and change the world to be a better place, why not help support me by supporting The Ocean Challenge with me?¬† #theoceanchallenge” but be natural and be yourself, you know what is right and best for your social media followers.
  8. Please like our Facebook page (it’s helps us get the message out further)!
  9. That’s it!

We know it seems daunting, it’s really not, just be yourself and we really can’t wait to hear from you!!

Thanks for taking the time to read about us, and we really look forward to seeing many of you on-board!

Application Submission Form

Image Credit: Round the World by Justin Vidamo on Flickr under creative commons license.