The Ocean Challenge evolved out of the idea that it would be fun to travel the world. But to do it in a way that gave the world something back.

From acorns mighty oaks are formed.

So an idea was born. To set some lofty challenges and find a way to deliver on them, so that we could meet some core mission objectives along the way, and end up making a difference.

Our oceans are a massive carbon store, and their ecosystems provide everything from a big chunk of our food chain, to the basis of the tourist trade for many many smaller countries. They are worth protecting, not just for us, but for future generations too; their very survival might depend on the efforts we make today.

The Ocean Challenge is about helping to protect our oceans and the whole-water life cycle of the planet, and telling the story of them along the way, to encourage more people to get involved.

No one organisation can ‘fix’ the problems we find, it is as a community, as a species that we do what is right.

We’re apolitical, because what we are trying to do doesn’t have a political agenda, in the broadest sense, but we can help meet political objectives from across the political spectrum by providing data, impartially gathered and presented, to whoever needs it to show the case for engagement and action.

Our ongoing challenges are based around missions, finite, achievable and can make a difference, large or small, then on to new missions, directed by science and the need of the oceans themselves.

Covid stopped us launching when we wanted, but the world changed for everyone, not just for us, so we sat and waited it out, like everyone else had to.

In the meantime, we’ve not been idle, but planning, reaching out to funding sources and speaking to sponsors.

We’re ready to change the world.

We hope you’ll join us.

Featured Image Credit: Early Morning Fisherman on Inle Lake  by Neville Wootton on Flickr. Creative Commons usage.