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After over a year of setting up, and over six months of getting operationally ready, covid-19 hit, and the pandemic made our objectives if not outright impossible, then, at the very least, difficult, more expensive, and of less use to our needs.

So, like so many others, we mothballed. Everyone thought it would be three to six months, then back to normal.

Well, we got that one wrong.

Here we are, well over two years later, and those well-laid plans, started back in 2018, a year in the planning and more, are dead.

Well, almost.

Today we relaunch.

Covid is still with us, and will likely remain so for many years to come. But the world is reopening. Cautiously, slowly, but it is, finally, happening.

As it does so, we can get started again.

Our oceans need interventions and research to help them. A pandemic hasn’t stopped that need, in fact it may, eventually, increase that need, as furlough, time out of the office and more time with family has only shown that there are alternatives to the nine-to-five grind.

That seems like a call to action.

Time to step up.

More details to follow.

It’s good to be back.