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We started out as an idea to do an around the world sailing trip. But this morphed, through feedback and ideas into a science mission to help save our oceans, that developed further into being an actual challenge to change the way we view and understand our oceans, and in so doing, being part of the solution to saving them.

Water covers in excess of 70% of our home’s surface, and yet we know more of the surface of Mars than we do of the depths of our own oceans.

Yet the oceans are the pulse of our planet: they circulate warm currents that can make your part of the world warmer, are part of the cause of our weather systems, as well as being part of the lifecycle of nutrient flows; they are also a central part of our food chain.

It’s time to change how we view and understand our oceans, as well as the people and creatures that make them their home.

The Ocean Challenge is about reconnecting with the oceans through learning, adventure, fun, science and documentary.

Documenting a mission-based approach is what this challenge is all about. If you’ve watched Sailing SV Delos or Sailing La Vagabonde on YouTube, then you’ll have some idea of the format, but instead of being focused on lifestyle and the people (which both those teams do really well), our focus will be the mission itself and natural history documentary. The mission about real research as well as real documentary about our oceans; think Jacques Cousteau re-imagined for more modern time. Now add open-source, because we think the data should be available to everyone.

The challenge is made up of three missions: Our core mission is to help people discover our world, with a primary focus on our Oceans, the systems that operate within them and the global scale of any problems with the health of the Oceans. This is our core mission, which will take in science, documentary, a little bit of travelogue and life-style, but purely with a focus on delivering a core science mission around that. You can read more in-depth outlines about the missions here.

We call it a challenge because the gauntlet of doing so is laid down as much with you as it is with us. This, in fact, is where you come in.

Exploring the oceans, making programming, following academic rigour in measuring and surveying and helping to keep people informed and connected over the results costs money, and making it all fun is even harder; but it needn’t cost a fortune. In fact it can be done relatively inexpensively. The best way you can help us is to contribute via Patreon, and you can set that up right now, it’s cheap, quick, and will give you access to loads and loads of exclusive content (over time), which you get first, before anyone else.

Be part of the mission and join us. Learn how, here. Help us leave the world a better place than when we joined it. How brilliant is that?!

We hope, whatever your reason for visiting us today, you’ll have a look around, then become part of our family by supporting us (monthly, one off via PayPal pool, or send via PayPal to payments@theoceanchallenge.com) or even joining us onboard.

Main site background picture credit: Ocean Surf by Daniel Ramirez on flickr used under creative commons (attribution) license.

Featured Image (this page) credit:  Humpback Whale Fluke (Megaptera novaeangliae). © 2011 “Mike” Michael L. Baird, on Fickr, Creative Commons (attribution) license.